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If America continues on its path of moral decay within the next generation, we will become as barbaric as those nations we have tried to help over the last 200 years. There will be no difference and with that, no hope for those nations looking to us for guidance. Americans are facing five areas. 1. Homosexuality 2. Abortion 3 Immigration 4. Guns 5. God We will discuss these areas in length and see how they play in the moral decay of America. These five areas are the most volatile in explosive subjects in the American way of life. Over the last sixty years, the courts have tested them tried them and in the next four years depending upon the Congress, Senate and the President they will be decided as the law of the land. The American population is naive to the outcome and decision of the courts. If approved and finalized as law they will alter America and its future as a nation.

 Looking back, I really believe our nation took a real turn at the end of the Vietnam War. The results of the Vietnam Era would change America and set up a new theory called surrender. Because of the policies instilled by our governmental leaders and people, we as a nation have caused the unnecessary deaths of millions. Obama the president of the USA is about to do the same thing and God only knows the outcome. The result of decisions made in the White House affect the whole world and when those decisions change the value system of a government, you can expect anarchy. This book is all about the decay of liberty and moral system here in the United States. Proverbs 14:34 (KJV) 34 Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.

The Quran does not only incite, but also preaches explicit hatred against Christians, Jews and all other non-Muhammadan Muslims (Unbelievers). This book clarifies that Allah is not the same God as Yahweh. In this less then 100 pages many questions will be answered about the Islamic belief and the Quran. Our Goal is not to attack the people who live in Islamic countries but to bring out the truth about the beliefs that Islam follows. May God Bless you as you read this book.

Who would ever think America would be where it is today. Religious liberty is at stake and the ambition of the Islamic countries to rule the world is noticeable in the Congressional leaders, the cabinet of President Obama and the many churches that continue to embrace Islam. This booklet is about the controversy over the name Allah. In Islamic countries, the name Allah is the name of God in most religions. Some have said. “It is the Aramaic word for God and no other name in Aramaic is given to this deity.” While the rest of the world uses Jehovah, Yahweh, and God as titles for God these names are not accepted by Islamic led countries. Because of this, the names for God is compromised in many Islamic countries do not know the difference between the God of the Bible and “the god” of Islam. Christianity is established upon Jesus Christ in His death, burial and resurrection. Christians accept God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit as three persons but one in God. This is known as the trinity and is not accepted by many cultic religions as well as Islam. In Islam to claim that Allah has a son a person can be sentenced to death. I hope that by God’s grace I will help to open the eyes of the reader to see the Allah of Islam is no more than a name given by Muhammad to a false deity who was one of many gods of the Nomadic tribes as far back as 8500 BC.


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