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Biographical Sketch of Dr. David N. Smeltz

Dr. David N. Smeltz received Christ in October of 1969 at Immanuel Baptist Church in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida after returning home from Vietnam.  As a decorated veteran and with the war raging and depression setting in from the loss of all his friends, he turned to a drunkenness life style.  A young woman suggested Christ and invited him to church.  Under the ministry of Ray Sadler, he accepted Christ as his Lord and Saviour.  The young woman, Susan Odell of Wayland, Massachusetts became his wife in February 1970 and they began serving at the church where he served as a youth pastor while attending Broward Junior College.  In 1973 while ministering as choir director of First Baptist Church, in Margate, Florida, he surrendered to the Gospel Ministry.  In January of 1974, he, entered Lynchburg Baptist College in Lynchburg, Virginia and in 1978, he graduated.  He started his first church in the fall of 1978 in Halifax, Va. and within the first year, the church grew from zero to over 125 people baptizing 68 individuals.  Within two years, the church purchased ten acres of land, built a new sanctuary, and started a Christian School and day care.

In 1981, he assumed the pastorate at Fellowship Baptist Church in South Bend Indiana.  Within four years, the church grew to a high attendance of over 700 on a special day.  A Christian Day Care, a Christian School and Bible Institute were started by Pastor Smeltz   applied with Anchor Theological Seminary in Texarkana, Arkansas and completed A Master degree in Theology in 1982.  In October of 1985, he received his Doctorate of Divinity from Anchor Theological Seminary.  He also attended Jay Adam’s school of Counseling and graduated in 1983.  He has pastored in Sumner, Washington, New York City and Virginia.

 In the past forty one years, he has assisted in planting over twenty-seven churches in America and foreign countries. Under his leadership, he has also re-established five churches.  In 2001, he assumed the pastorate of Faith Baptist Church of Rustburg, Virginia and led the church until December of 2006 when he and his wife surrendered to a fourth quarter ministry of training national pastors. In 2004, he was appointed Chaplain of the Vietnam Veterans of America, State of Virginia. His ministry reaches the Veterans, men, and women who have been and are  incarcerated in State and Federal prisons.  He has had the privilege of speaking at national cemetery function, national meetings, and many conferences associated with veterans and veteran’s organizations. He is powerful speaker who reaches and touches the hearts of the veterans.  His Military decorations include; Commendation Medal with V device for valor, Vietnamese- Cross of Gallantry Medal, Presidential Citation Medal and other medals associated with the Vietnam era.  In 1965, he received a Congressional approval from State of Florida Congressmen Claude Pepper to attend West Point, but due to the war, he did not have the opportunity to attend.

Over the last forty-one  years, he has ministered in over 1000 churches including ministries in Brazil, Indonesia, Philippines and Europe.  His Word of Truth Ministries began in 1973 as an evangelist. Under his leadership and guidance of the Holy Spirit, thousands have come to know Christ. He has published several books and pamphlets.  The teaching book “The Five Fundamentals of the faith of Islam” has become a ministry of teaching around the world. Brother Smeltz began in 2008 teaching conferences on Islam in many churches here in the states and abroad. In January of 2011 he published a book called “Identity Theft” This book compares Allah with Yahweh and Christ with Muhammad and answers the question is Allah the Islamic god the same God as Yahweh?  As of September 2015 Pastor Smeltz has published 20 books.

He and his wife Susan serve in the Ukraine, Philippines, Indonesia, and Russia as missionaries training national pastors.  He can reached through the web site www.drdavidsmeltz.org  or www.hiswordoftruth.com

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