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His Word Of Truth Ministry

Dr. David N & Susan Smeltz

Missionary Evangelist to the World

 Dear Pastor,

We have now finished our ninth year of missions and I am writing this letter to you beginning our forty-first year of ministry during which I have spent twenty-eight and half years serving as a pastor.  I spent five years in evangelism with my wife and four of our five children traveling the United States as the Smeltz Family Evangelistic Team.  Today, all of our children are married and we have twelve precious grandchildren.  Our youngest son is married to a Ukrainian young woman who loves the Lord.  For years, I have felt the calling and challenge to work overseas in training national pastors.  Now after seven years we are still presenting our work and raising money for field projects and support.  In the past seven years, we have ministered in six countries. Our emphasis has been on the Ukraine and the Philippines. In 2015, new doors have opened as we will go Guatemala, Philippines and Ukraine.  In 2015, we will be establishing teams to go into the Philippines and Guatamala.

We are members of Harmony Baptist Church, Plant City, Florida. And our goal is going is to train, disciple and assist national pastors in the planting of local churches.  This last year we have assisted in starting four new churches.  We do this through colleges, seminaries and old and new ministries established in Europe and Asia.  We have contacted the leaders of these institutions and ministries and they are willing to work with us.  Do to Visa regulations we will embed ourselves with these pastors and nationals on a short-term-basis.  Our team will hold evangelistic meetings, discipleship conferences, and soul winning conferences in these countries.  We have already made seven trips to the Ukraine and one trip to Indonesia, Korea and Russia, Germany and 6 trips to Philippines.  

In the past forty years I have assisted in establish thirty- one churches across America and the world. The Lord has also used our family to established five churches from scratch.  Within these churches, I have had the privilege of establishing Faith Promise Mission programs

Central Missionary Clearinghouse approved us in October of 2006.


From Missionaries Dr. Dennis & Gloria Ebert –The Philippines

Greetings in the name of our Lord:  As a missionary to the Filipino people we are always praising the Lord for those who love missions and are involved in prayerful and financial support.  It is our desire to see people and places changed that God will be praised.

In the desire to accomplish that kind of ministry here in the Philippines, we were pleased to be host to Dr. David Smeltz.  Although he has been in the Philippines several times to accomplish Gods plan for his ministry, it was the first time for us to meet and have the opportunity to mix his talents into our ministry.

We were not disappointed with the results.  It is very obvious that he enjoys the ministry that God has placed him in.  Dr. Smeltz was a joy to be around.  It was amazing to see the endurance physically as he was pushed to physical limits.  I would also say that he is certainly qualified to be used.  During his stay with us, one of our larger churches asked him to conduct a three day Prophetic Conference.  During that conference during the day, we used him to speck in a one day seminar in which he was the only speaker.  Dr. Smeltz spoke with authority and biblical accuracy.  His material was pointed, useful and well received.

It was certainly refreshing to be around him with his conservative attitude, his KJB conviction and unmovable stand on serving God.  We anticipate more time together for the future, here in the ministry of winning and training Filipinos to go out and plant churches.

His and yours for the Filipino,

Dennis Ebert